'Sirman Стол пластик.д/рубки sirman'

wall, dimensions: 500x500x240 mm, work surface material - plastic

Kitchen work tables are widely used in industrial canteens, catering facilities and serve as a supporting surface for the temporary layout of kitchen equipment and utensils, as well as for work with various products - processing, cutting, etc. Typically kitchen work tables are manufactured ​​of stainless steel, which provides a longer period of exploitation. To prevent sagging of countertops, they are usually made of chipboards sheets of a certain thickness. A number of models are equipped with a board (to avoid contamination of the walls). Moreover, kitchen work tables may be additionally equipped with one or more grid shelves or solid shelves. In the kitchens of various catering establishments are also often installed standard neutral tables, and also models made to order, which differ in size of worktops.