Upholstered furniture in restaurants creates an atmosphere of comfort and makes it comfortable for guests as possible. Convenient armchairs, sofas with elbows and soft poufs easily may sensitize visitors to a pleasant evening in a good company. No less impressive are rattan chairs set on the outdoor veranda and summer terrace. No matter what material is used for chairs and sofas, among the basic requirements for upholstered furniture for restaurants are practicality and durability. Due to the fact that catering establishments are visited by a large number of guests, relevant characteristics are also hygienic and easy to clean, that makes maintaining of the appearance of sofas, chairs and poufs clean and neat for a long time. For the decoration of furniture installed in restaurants, cafes and bars are used various bushings - natural and artificial leather, high-quality upholstery fabrics. As stuffings for upholstered furniture for restaurants can be applied polyurethane, polyester batting or natural materials, such as rubber, latex, etc. Upholstered furniture for restaurants you can purchase by choosing from a wide range of different suppliers and also buy to order using your own sketches.