Tables and chairs

4SiS Болонья 200501

dimensions: 490x580x850 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Венето 641811

dimensions: 610x700x860 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Грасс LX-D1010A-1

dimensions: 590x640x880 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Кальяри 200812

dimensions: 610x730x660 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Кватро Анголи LX-B1001

dimensions: 570x570x710 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Мадейра 643011

dimensions: 610x620x750 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Малага 202301

dimensions: 550x660x900 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Малага 202311

dimensions: 660x660x900 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Милан

dimensions: 580x610x900 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Неаполь 745152

dimensions: 620x740x950 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Ницца 201012

dimensions: 530x630x870 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Орлеан 201111

dimensions: 650x650x850 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Орлеан 201173

dimensions: 900x900x760 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Палермо 201401

dimensions: 560x570x850 mm, seat material - rattan

4SiS Прато 652671

dimensions: 570x550x700 mm, seat material - rattan
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One can hardly imagine any catering establishment without tables, because they are used for banquets, celebration dinners and quick snacks. Tables and chairs occupy a key place in the interior, because their appearance, serving and arrangement form the overall impression of the guest area. Tables for bars, cafes and restaurants are typically made of different materials, including solid wood (pine, oak, beech, birch, alder, etc.) and rattan. They may have a metal framework in combination with tabletops made ​​of various materials (glass, plastic, etc.). Among the important characteristics of tables are durability, because they are often undergo moisture attack, high temperatures, etc. Furthermore, the height of tables should be comfortable for visitors. The variety of forms of countertops (round, square, rectangular, oval), colors and sizes (which directly affects the number of seats) allows you to choose the tables which will fit perfectly in almost any interior of cafe or restaurant, no matter the style of the establishment. Anyway you can always order the chairs for the restaurant, made by individual design. We should not overlook chairs, which are also a fixture of bars, cafeterias, restaurants and cafes. They should not only be comfortable for the visitors, but also durable and reliable. In the cafes, bars and restaurants are set wooden chairs made ​​of polycarbonate, beech, pine, or chairs with metal frames, bottoms and backs of which can be decorated with tapestry fabric, artificial leather, genuine leather or made ​​of plastic, rattan (a tropical vine, with high strength). Rattan furniture is very durable, because can't be affected by negative factors such as moisture or low temperatures. For service at the bar counter are used special chairs, metal-based or wood. Their height is selected by taking into account the overall size of the bar counter and for the convenience of visitors they may have a of leg rooms, which is especially important when the bar counter is high and also backs and arm-rests.