A man can not fully exist without hot food. This means that no catering facility can do without heating equipment for cooking and heating up food. And the more varied thermal equipment you have in your commercial kitchen, the greater number of dishes you can cook with them. The more meals offers your public food facility, the higher will be its profitability. A simple listing of types of heating equipment may take more than an hour. Let's start with simple and small machines, which do not take up much space and produces ready-made meals quickly and simply:-Hot-dog machine - this is a mobile unit for fast food, which is long and successfully used in street trading. The same can be said about different donut makers, crepe machines and waffle irons. The models differ in power, thus every catering facility have a possibility to choose the most cost effective variant.-Individually should be mentioned different types of grills and grills for barbecue. Each of them can be used in small points of fast food, including food courts in supermarkets, and also in large restaurant complexes. Chicken grills, contact grills and salamander grills are of the highest demand.-In the line-up of small appliances, required in the dining rooms and in bars must present pans, toasters, heaters and microwave ovens. In large kitchens of restaurants are primarily employed boilers, steam tables, ranges, frying tops and cooking ovens. Special thermal equipment is installed necessarily in restaurants specializing in national cuisines. For example, Japanese restaurants can't go without rice cookers, and Italian restaurants should have in their range of equipment pasta and pizza ovens. Healthy diet canteens usually have in their range of professional kitchen equipment steamers and combi ovens. Those who specializes in baking, simply can not do without proofing cabinets, fryers and hearth ovens. Big restaurants available for banquets and standing buffets specializing in simultaneously serving of a variety of hot dishes for many guests must be equipped with special banquet service systems. The level of your income and assortment of dishes fully depends on your food facility been equipped with all required heating equipment. Equip your kitchen to a high standard, and guarantee yourself a high profitability!