'Electrolux Печь therma electrolux mb8acahoao 588587'

chambers quantity - 1, 60 - 350 $ 202, convection - true, steam humidification - true, grill - true, dimensions: 800x850x450 mm, mains power: 380 V, 50/60 Hz, 5 kW

Cooking oven is a modern professional equipment for baking of culinary products, as well as for frying and steaming of meat, fish or vegetable products under the conditions of hot shop. Such equipment consists of one, two or more sections and several sections may be simply put on top of each other. Cooking ovens for public catering facilities are generally equipped with additional functions such as steam humidification and convection. Due to convection it is possible to cook several dishes simultaneously on different levels of the cooking oven. The temperature in the working chambers of cooking oven ranges from 50 to 300 degrees Celsius. As a rule, high-quality ovens automatically maintain the desired temperature and equipped with a temperature regulator for upper and lower heating elements (tubular electric heaters). Halogen lamp, placed between the double glazing doors of this device allows to monitor the cooking process without opening the doors. This equipment is simple and easy to maintain. Its use in catering establishments, restaurants and cafes significantly increases the speed of cooking and the profitability of the company on the whole.