'Electrolux Аппарат пароварочный electrolux varios33 599062'

chambers quantity - 1, gastronome containers capacity - 3, dimensions: 500x810x800 mm, mains power: 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 15 kW

Steam cooking chambers are often used commercially in bars and other public food facilities for quick preparation by steaming of a great variety of tasteful dishes. This method allows you to cook dietetical food with meat, fish, vegetables, retaining maximum nutrients. The most heavy are built-in steamers, which are mostly used in professional kitchens. They are more powerful and equipped with advanced features and an ability of direct connection to the water supply system. Electronic control system of this equipment enables several working modes depending on the type of dish. Steam cooking chambers will help you to vary the menu of every restaurant or cafe and attract extra visitors using low calorie, vegetarian and meatless dishes on the menu.