Pressure deep fryer Sinmag

Sinmag SFF-P25E

baths quantity: 1x25 l, maximum temperature 200°C, deep fryer basin capacity 25 l, dimensions: 470x970x1190 mm, mains power: 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 12.5 kW

Professional high-tech deep fryer is used in catering and offers long term service and also allows to y cook in large quantities fried dishes – in animal or vegetable fat. Depending on the variety of dishes that are cooked in oil, as well as on the attendance of your catering establishment are choosen the size and scope of the deep fryer. Professional deep fryers are equipped with special filters, allowing less changing of oil without spoiling gustatory quality of prepared products. Deep fryer is an indispensable equipment for catering that provide an opportunity to cook the most popular among visitors dishes such as French fries, chicken Kiev and brittle.