Orest FB-1

baths quantity - 1, heating type - dry, installation type - table, dimensions: 500x600x300 mm, mains power: 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.2 kW

In the fast-food, for example, is used such type of heating equipment as French fries station, providing a delicate heating of the finished product without losing its flavor. For preparing and serving a number of dishes, including meat dishes are used carving station (warming trays), equipped with infrared lamps, which provide long-term maintenance of the temperature of dishes, which are layed out on the heated surface. Also, to maintain the temperature of ready-made dishes are widely used bain-maries. In public catering facilities for keeping hot or warm first, second, and third courses and components of dishes cooked to order, as well as for culinary products is used such equipment as warming cabinets. Circulation inside warming cabinets, heated by tubular heating elements or another heating elements to the desired temperature, provides the required effect. Doors of these cabinets may be swing, folding or hinged, and are usually equipped with special seals which ensure the reliability of the equipment. In the design of warming cabinets may be different number of shelves and the heating elements, that directly depends on the dimensions of the equipment. For heating of dishes may also be used special shelves.