Waring Pro CIG100

work surfaces quantity - 1, dimensions: 203.2x673.1x381 mm, gas power - 1.8 kW

Frying tops (Electric countertop griddle) – the necessary equipment for restaurants and a other eating places, which is indispensable for the work of any every shop. They are designed for easy grill of meat, fish, vegetables and other dishes, as well as pancakes. For usability countertop griddles are equipped with temperature control function, thus preparation of food becomes faster and more convenient. Frying top's work surface structure may corrugated, smooth or mix both features – combined. Traditional materials of which this professional equipment is composed - stainless steel, ceramic or cast iron. There are several types of countertop griddles: floor standing, which are mounted stationary, and also countertop electric and gas griddles, which is much more compact than the first variant. Modern professional griddles for user comfort are equipped with special removable oil collection trays. Furthermore, perimeter of the surface has vertical metal shields, which protect from oil splashes and splatters. Uniform heat distribution of the cooking surface excludes burning and scorching and also guarantees high quality prepared food. Modern frying surface for ease of use are equipped with special trays to collect the oil. Furthermore, the perimeter surface has a head, through which grease is not sprayed. Uniform heating of the surface of the cooking eliminates sticking and guarantees high quality prepared food.