Techinnov 720051

heating elements quantity - 1, burner shape - round, installation type - table, dimensions: 400x550x280 mm, gas power - 8 kW

Techinnov 720052

heating elements quantity - 2, burner shape - round, installation type - table, dimensions: 800x550x280 mm, gas power - 13 kW

Range in professional kitchen is indispensable equipment for smooth operation of hot shops, which is particularly important for a large restaurants and canteens. Commercial ovens are intended for the main types of heat treatment of food - boiling, frying, stewing, etc. Good kitchen range is the heart of the kitchen and promotes the smooth running and provides more revenue. Depending on the quantities of prepared food, professional kitchen ranges may vary in output and may be also static or desktop. According to the principle of work commercial ranges may be electrical, or gas, depending on the arrangement of your kitchen. Modern ranges for restaurants are constructed in such a way that you can not only effectively prepare food, but also have a possibility of saving time required for cleaning and polishing. High-quality commercial ranges for professional kitchens are quite simple and easy to operate, have a high fire protection. With top quality kitchen range you can improve the efficiency of your public food court or restaurant significantly.