Pavailler FL80

dimensions: 1010x1140x1830 mm, mains power: 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.3 kW

Fermentation cabinets can be used in public catering facilities for producing of various dairy products including sour cream, fermented milk, yoghurt, etc. Furthermore, such equipment can be used for the preliminary and final proofing. There are a number of functions in these cabinets that allow to achieve optimum results when preparing various kinds of dishes and its control system makes it possible to produce different types of thermal treatment of products in accordance to the given by operator parameters of humidity and temperature. Thus, the use of fermentation cabinet ensures the automatic control of acidity directly during the cooking process. High quality of the finished production is provided by the uniform distribution of air flows inside the cabinet. The possibility of refrigerating is also enabled in the cabinets of fermentation, that gives the opportunity to carry out a delayed fermentation during proofing, and also provides timely shut-down of fermentation in the production of dairy products.