'Roller Grill Шкаф расстоечный roller grill ep800'

backing trays guides - true, dimensions: 795x640x910 mm, mains power: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.4 kW

For smooth and fast operation of the professional kitchen you need most diverse equipment which raise the efficiency of your catering facility. For example, for cafes and other catering establishments specializing in well done baking are essential proofing cabinets. This equipment is used to accelerate the process of defrosting or dough fermentation of future bakery or pizza before placing them in a hot oven. Compact proofing cabinets in bakeries and pastry shops allow to place dough pieces in the proofer on tiered pans. This significantly increases productivity and, moreover, this professional kitchen equipment provides an opportunity to prepare pizza crust in advance, that helps to serve more visitors in rush hours. Such equipment is usually installed on a cooking table or on a special supporting stand, and also may serve as an independent support for cooking oven, that helps to save space in a small kitchen. With use of such equipment you will have an opportunity to get the work of your food facility going, since it becomes easy to load dough pieces into proofing cabinets overnight. You only need to bake next morning and please you visitors with delicious dishes.