Abat ШОК-10-1/1

chambers quantity - 1, shelves quantity - 10, compressor cooling - air, cooling agent R-404A, dimensions: 800x900x1640 mm, mains power: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2 kW

Built-in freezers and blast chiller cabinets are used in food processing shops and a great number of public food facilities, as well as in stores for thermal treatment and subsequent storage of various products and semi-finished food. With the use of such equipment it is easy to cool and freeze ice cream, fruit and vegetables, bakery products, semi-finished products, raw meat and fish and also ready meals, etc. Time spent on freezing products is significantly reduced compared to the conventional methods of freezing. However, taste quality of products remains high even after defrosting, and shelf life of food is long lasting. Different models of built-in freezers and blast chiller cabinets offered by various manufacturers differ in both productivity and size, and the design with compressors placement