'Hicold Шкаф морозильный hicold a70/1be'

volume - 700 l, chambers quantity: 1, refrigeration unit - built-in, doors material - stainless steel, doors type - hinged, dimensions: 740x815x2085 mm, mains power: 230 V, 50 Hz, 0.85 kW

For short-term storage and display of chilled or frozen products at food service establishments and supermarkets are used chill cabinets. They may be medium- and low temperature and also: freezing, for shock freezing and freezing and refrigerating combined. Due to volume of chill cabinets are small, medium and large. They can also vary in design of doors (door coupe or hinged, vertical or horizontal), and carcass material. Medium-temperature chill cabinets perfectly suit for storing fruits and vegetables, drinks, gastronomic products and confectionery. The average temperature in them is from -3 to +10 C, that is optimal for a short storage of perishable products, which are generally pre-cooled. Low-temperature cabinets have a different range of on-process temperatures and are used for storage of semi-finished products. Shock freezer cabinet are generally installed in catering facilities when it is going to prepare a large quantities of food, and the combined models enable simultaneous storing of chilled and frozen products.