Strip curtains

Such industrial equipment as walk-in cooler is designed for cooling and freezing of different products at a temperature range from +10 C to -40 C (adjustable temperature level). Walk-in coolers, in fact, represent a storage space that is often used for shops, markets, and various catering establishments. Modern walk-in coolers for food storage are put together at the operational location from the three-layer sandwich panels depending on the customer's consequences, as well as on the interior of premises. First, are made calculations of refrigerated supply system. This type of walk-in coolers is easy to dismount, if necessary, or change their size and shape by adding additional panels. Interior paneling of walk-in coolers is usually made ​​of durable materials, such as galvanized steel with a protective film. Employment of this professional equipment provides a great opportunity to store required amount of products for a long time in optimal conditions without spoiling of taste of cooked meals.