Cryogiam US2192GK/MA2

optimal cooled volume of chamber - 6 m³, температура от -20 до -15 °C

Cryogiam US6213GK/MA1

optimal cooled volume of chamber - 6 m³, температура от 8 до 5 °C

Monoblock unit – is a high-tech refrigerating device that combines a compression-condensation unit and air cooler. This equipment is usually made ​​of galvanized steel and can be easily mounted on the side wall of the walk-in cooler, which is generally made of sandwich panels. Monoblocks for public food facilities and freight outlets are set in the following way - air cooler is placed inside the walk-in cooler, and the compression-condensation unit - outside. They are connected by a special insulation blanket. The use of monoblocks enable the maintaining of the desired temperature of air in an isolated room (walk-in cooler). There are medium temperature and low temperature monoblock units. For large production premises are used industrial monoblock units consuming more energy than commercial monoblock units, designed for smaller capacity of walk-in coolers and equipped with additional functions such as heating of doorway. High-quality monoblock units work good in any time-of-year, regardless of the temperature outside, and provide secure storage of perishable foods required for the smooth operation of your catering facility.