Capic FUMOIR 15

dimensions: 800x650x1900 mm

Capic FUMOIR 25

dimensions: 800x950x1900 mm

Capic FUMOIR 35

dimensions: 800x1250x1900 mm

Proofing cabinets are widely used in catering and realize bakery and confectionery production. Herewith, the essence of the process of proofing is to control the fermentation process of dough process prior to baking. Also proofing cabinets act as a retarder of dough that allows to adhere to the optimal schedule of baking and operate on the principle of delayed baking. By changing of the specified characteristics starter retarders fully stop or reduce the fermentation process. The exposure inside starter retarders occurs by changing such parameters as humidity and temperature parameters inside proofing cabinets. Herewith, the process of starter retarding and fermentation recovery is programmable and may take quite a long period of time (up to 72 hours).