Polyscience ANTI-GRIDDLE

-34/-34°C, tabletop material - steel, dimensions: 403x467x267 mm, mains power: 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 3.5 kW

Refrigerated counter combines in itself a refrigerator – for storing all necessary food ready at hands, and convenient cooling surface functioning as a tabletop. More of it, refrigerated counter enables the automatic meat, fish and other products defrost. Temperature range of refrigerated counter (tabletop and chill cabinet) is from 2 ... to +10 C, and for the counter freezer temperature varies from-10C to-20C. There are also models of combined refrigerated counters, optimal for the work with a variety of products. In addition, refrigerated counters may be employed for storing of ingredients and cooking of certain types of meals – pizza table, saladettes, etc. If necessary, they may be completed with additional equipment. Tabletops of refrigerated counters are generally made of stainless steel, however, as a material for their manufacture may also be used poliproplen or granite. Directly below the tabletop is placed cooled space, which usually consists of a container divided into cameras with doors and chilling located in a separate camera. Different models of refrigerated counters vary in the number of containers (drawers, number of drawers and cameras).