Abat СХС-70-01П

volume - 310 l, tabletop material - stainless steel, doors quantity - 2, -2/8 °C, aggregate compartment location - right-hand, dimensions: 1435x700x1092 mm, mains power: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.26 kW

Saladettes - special equipment of professional kitchen, optimizing storage of cold dishes and salads. Saladette is a type of refrigerated counter equipped with a chilling inner compartment for storage of various products in special gastronorm containers. Tabletops of saladettes may be manufactured of stainless steel, polycarbonate, granite or marble. Due to the maintained of optimal temperature in saladettes (-2 .. +8 C), the risk of spoiling of products or reducing of the level of nutrients is eliminated. Equipment of this type suits perfectly for restaurants, pizzerias and other catering establishments. Your chef gets an opportunity to prepare a salad of various refrigerated ingredients that have been pre-cut and placed in saladette right after order is signed up. This approach will help you to save time and labor costs, as for the performer is not necessary to take food out of the fridge each time he needs because all components lie on hand in gastronorm containers. Therefore, through the use of saladettes chef's workplace gets the best organization that increases his speed of work and ensuresgreat service of every catering facility.