'Electrolux Контейнер д/мусора electrolux trb6 120131'

60 l, case material - stainless steel, lid material - stainless steel, wheeled feet - true

Waste bins serve as reservoirs for collecting of garbage, generated during the process of work of catering establishment. Garbage cans can be used both within the production premises of food facilities and also outside. Waste tanks are usually manufactured ​​of different materials - polyethylene, polypropylene, stainless steel. Made of different materials bins have many advantages. For example, plastic tanks are durable and have light weight, that greately facilitates their moving and transportation. Waste containers made of stainless steel are not less durable, they are very robust. Most of the tanks are equipped with tightly fitting lids, which prevents spread of smell from waste. Moreover, the tanks can be equipped with side handles for comfort employment and a pedal for automatic lid opening. Some manufacturers offer waste tanks, which are additionally equipped with ventilation systems. To facilitate the transportation of bins can be applied special platform trucks and trolleys, or wheel assemblies.