Comenda T5

output - 320 kg/hr, mains power: 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 5.7 kW

Industrial food waste disposers (disposers) are used in dishwashing and industrial shops of various catering facilities. They are aimed for quick and operative removal of various food waste from production areas. Shredded with the help of these electrical appliances waste is easily derived with the water flow in the sewer system, without causing blockages. Industrial food waste disposers are intended for processing of peeled vegetables and fruits, seeds, sunflower seeds and rind of fruits, egg shell, including small bones left from cutting of meat and fish, bread, rice, etc. Employment of food waste disposers in catering facilities promotes maintainance of cleanliness in working premises and, in addition, allows to reduce the cost of waste disposal significantly. The design of industrial food waste disposers allows to process large volumes of waste, and the use of stainless steel as the material for working chambers ensures a long service life. The process of shredding of waste in the disposers occurs due to the influence of rotating carbide discs which grind waste products and break them on the chamber walls, and after that, together with water stream processed products (actually fine small particles) drain into the sewer. Depending on the volume of production for different catering establishments are selected different power food waste disposers.