Hygiene stations

On entering of the production area of every catering and food facility may be installed such equipment for hygiene of staff as hygiene stations and boot wash systems the use of which helps to ensure compliance with sanitary-hygienic standards. Installation of boot wash systems provides not only effective cleaning of shoe soles, but also of the uppers. Disinfectants for hands, which may be wall mounted and floor stand (using the special stand). At the same time, it is possible combined installation of disinfectants for hands and boot wash systems. To adhere the optimum level of hygiene in production areas also help hygiene stations. At the same time sanitary stations provide a set of measures, including not only the washing of shoes, but also hands disinfection of staff. Such equipment can provide a single-flow treatment (at the entering of production premises) and dual-flow (at the enter and exit). Hygiene stations are typically equipped with a turnstile, there are models without turnstile, designed for small area premises. In addition, various models of sanitary systems may have different throughput capability.