Cleanness is the guarantee of health. Health of your visitors is an opportunity to see them again in your catering establishment. That means that at in every kitchen of bar, restaurant or dining room should be installed equipment for cleaning. On the quantity and quality of this equipment depends complience to all hygienic standards. Washing of raw materials for the preparation of dishes is made by ​​using pre-rinse units or fruit and vegetable washing machines, and ends in drying machines. For washing of dinnerware are set different types of dishwashers:-In places with many visitors are optimal conveyor dishwashers.-In the limited commercial spaces are generally installed front-loading or door-type dishwashers.-For gentle cleaning of glass cups, wine glasses and shot glasses are used specialized glassware washers. In each case, the volume and capacity of the equipment for washing of dishes are selected depending on the needs of the particular public food facility. Large restaurant or dining room will not go without additional washing equipment, specified in washing of tare and cook's boilers. This equipment takes up much space, but the thoroughness of washing pays for the cost of its purchase and installation. Washing equipment is an integral part of any catering establishment, such as a bar, dining room, restaurant or cafe.