rinse agent dispenser - true, dimensions: 650x650x1360 mm, mains power: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 5.3 kW

SIC P360

rinse agent dispenser - true, dimensions: 650x650x1340 mm, mains power: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 5.3 kW

Dishwashers are widely used in almost all bars, cafes, cafeterias and restaurants. There are various types of dishwashing machines, each of which has its own distinctive characteristics, which determine its application. Conveyor dishwashers are typically used in places with a lot of seats. The process of washing with the use of this equipment is fully automated. The design of dishwashers features a specific division into zones for certain process steps of dishwashing. Herewith, loaded into the cassettes dishware is transported with the help of conveyor belt. Dome dishwashers are also used for fast and high-quality cleaning equipment and table ware. The process of cleaning the dome dishwasher takes an average of a few minutes, and the performance is about 1000-1200 plates per hour. Door type dishwashers are used primarily for washing heavy dishware, including pans, boilers, etc. This equipment is widely used in large restaurants and public food facilities with full cycle cooking. Another type is front-loading dishwashers. They are perfect for cafes and bars with a small number of seats (40-50) and uneven workload. Moreover, the compact size of these dishwashers allow you to use them in a limited workspace, and even, if necessary, they may be embeded in the bar counters.Tare washing machines are optimal for use in food production areas, including confectionery, meat processing, bakery halls, etc. This equipment allows to produce qualitative cleaning of all types of tare used in commercial kitchen. Tare washing machines may be either semi- or fully automated. The process of washing includes cleaning itself and subsequent rinsing, which are processed in separate sections. To ensure the supply of sufficient quantities of water, dishwashers are connected to a common drainage system. An important element of such equipment for washing tare is an automatic detergent dispenser that allows you to maximize the effectiveness of washing.