Dynamic E 20 SC E004

output - 0 kg/hr, boiler volume - 20 l, dimensions: 430x430x500 mm

Dynamic EM 98 E003

output - 0 kg/hr, boiler volume - 20 l, dimensions: 430x430x500 mm, mains power: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.2 kW

Products (vegetables, fruits, etc.) used in preparation and production of semises in most cases should be washed before preparation. There are professional vegetable washing machines designed exclusively for washing vegetables, and universal machines which suit also for washing fruits, as well as for meat and fish. All vegetable washing machines maybe of periodic and continuous action. Washing machines of continuous action may be of several types - drum, conveyor and others. General feature of this equipment is a high productivity, thats why it is widely used in vegetable procurement plants. Vegetable washing machines of continious action differ in a number of key characteristics. In these machines unload of vegetables may be made manually or with use of special mechanical devices. Washing chambers of vegetable washing machines may be in a form of parallelepiped, horizontal half cylinder or vertical cylinder. Washing devices in these vegetable may be performed by rotating baskets, washing discs, nozzles, etc.