One can hardly imagine any professional kitchen without a knife. Knives are used when working with a variety of products - for slicing, cutting, etc. Moreover, there are special knives for the decoration of fruits and vegetables (carving knives).

Professional knives vary in such key parameters as blade material (which can be carbon or alloy steel) and arm (the list of options varies). Also used in professional kitchen universal and other purpose knives may be wrought and forged. Also professional knives may have a blade of different thickness. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the thickness of the blade directly affects the period of exploitation of the knife. In any case, the blade should be flexible. All these factors must be taken into account when choosing professional kitchen knives.

In our catalog are represented chef knives, knives for working with vegetables, carving knives, universal knives, culinary knives, kitchen hatchets and others. Furthermore, the site of ipelican also presents honing rods, knife sharpeners as well as holders and protectorsfor knives which allow to organize a kitchen space in optimal way.