Гриль-мангал Josper HJX25-L ACX-F

  • Type
  • продуктивність
    60 kg/hr
  • max температура
    350 °C
  • min температура
    300 °C
  • матеріал корпусу
    нержавіюча сталь
  • система управління
  • споживання вугілля
    12 kg/24hr
  • колір
  • довжина
    800 mm
  • глибина
    1010 mm
  • висота
    1860 mm

О товаре «Гриль-мангал Josper HJX25-L ACX-F»

We represent You Barbeque grill HJX25-L ACX-F made by Josper, wich is manufactured specially for cooking various grilled dishes. This of the equipment is made up specially for food service establishments, and also for catering establishments. Barbeque grill is perfect for cooking meat, poultry and fish, that allows significantly expand the menu of any catering establishment through with nothing comparable to taste dishes, preapared on grill. Announced габарити Barbeque grill HJX25-L ACX-F from iPelican catalog: довжина – 800 mm, глибина – 1010 mm, висота – 1860 mm. For the model HJX25-L ACX-F min температура features 300. And max температура is 350.


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