Шафа жарочна Ambach 7UBE/80/D

  • Артикул
  • Type
    Шафа жарочна
  • кількість камер
  • матеріал корпусу
    нержавіюча сталь
  • матеріал робочої камери
    нержавіюча сталь
  • система управління
  • енергоносій
  • напруга
    400 V
  • частота струму
    50/60 Hz
  • потужність
    5 kW
  • довжина
    800 mm
  • глибина
    900 mm
  • висота
    480 mm

О товаре «Шафа жарочна Ambach 7UBE/80/D»

We would like to represent you such equipment, as Cooking oven 7UBE/80/D made by AMBACH, is perfect for stewing and frying of fish, meat, vegetables and other dishes, and also for baking pastry. Without represented equipment it is very hard to imagine the work of hot shop every type of catering establishments, where it is restaurant or cafe. Announced габарити of Cooking oven 7UBE/80/D: довжина – 800 mm, глибина – 900 mm, висота – 480 mm. Besides, it is worth notice, that this Cooking oven 7UBE/80/D gives a possibility of simultaneouspreparation of several dishes at different levels, hereupon, the time required for cooking, reduces, the quality remains high. And, what is also very important, this model of Cooking oven is quite simple to use, система управління – електромеханічна. Required for the stable operation of the equipment електрична мережа: напруга – 400 V, частота струму – 50/60 Hz, потужність – 5 kW. Durable technical features of the carcass and working chamber of the Cooking oven satisfies quality standards. In represented model матеріал корпусу – нержавіюча сталь. Furthermore, матеріал робочої камери - нержавіюча сталь.

This model, Шафа жарочна of Cooking oven 7UBE/80/D, more than properly fulfilled and functional, but is also very easy to operate.


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