Візок транспортувальний Electrolux CGN34

  • Type
    Візок транспортувальний
  • довжина
    809 mm
  • глибина
    617 mm
  • висота
    1590 mm
  • місткість гастроємності
  • ніжки на коліщатах
  • марка сталі
    AISI 304
  • матеріал корпусу
    нержавіюча сталь
  • вага нетто
    45 kg

О товаре «Візок транспортувальний Electrolux CGN34»

During the process of serving guests, service staff at cafes, restaurants and barswith high attendance, have to workusuallysignificant number ofvarious of dishes, and moreover, necessary for serving dinnerware, and also dishes, that remain on the tables after the guests have finished their meal . To optimize serving process is possible using special equipment. Represented Візок транспортувальний, as CGN34 made by ELECTROLUX, constructedthe way, that and ideally fits for transportation of ready meal. Supplementaryof this type Transport trolley – transportation ofcooked dishes. the same, as in other types of Transport trolleys, CGN34 есть ніжки на коліщатах, providing ease movement.

According to the manufacturer's instruction габарити of the Transport trolleyCGN34: довжина – 809 mm, глибина – 617 mm, висота – 1590 mm. In this transport trolley матеріал корпусу – нержавіюча сталь. Upon that марка сталі – AISI 304. А матеріал корпусу – нержавіюча сталь. And Maximal місткість гастроємності – 34. Thanks to high-quality performance and ease of operation Transport trolley CGN34 optimally fits forapplication atall kinds of commercial kitchens.


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