Котел харчоварильні Cleveland TMKDL-150-CC

  • Type
    Котел харчоварильні
  • обʼєм
    150 l
  • міксер
  • min температура
    63 °C
  • max температура
    127 °C
  • клапан скидання надмірного тиску
  • бортик робочої поверхні
  • кран для заливання води
  • матеріал корпусу
    нержавіюча сталь
  • система управління
  • напруга
    230/400 V
  • частота струму
    50/60 Hz
  • потужність
    32 kW
  • колір
  • довжина
    3200 mm
  • глибина
    1121 mm
  • висота
    2032 mm

О товаре «Котел харчоварильні Cleveland TMKDL-150-CC»

This offered model of Steam kettle TMKDL-150-CC made by CLEVELAND is a type of professional kitchen equipment, and it is suitable for cooking first and second courses, and also side-dishes, sauces, a great variety of beverages and more. Temperature range of the model TMKDL-150-CC: max температура is 127, min температура is 63. The cooking due to using of Steam kettle suggests an opportunity more than boiling, but also to brown and other cooking products. You can grind and mix every kinds of products for subsequent cooking in this Steam kettle TMKDL-150-CC, есть міксер. Announced габарити of Steam kettle TMKDL-150-CC from iPelican catalog: довжина – 3200 mm, глибина – 1121 mm, висота – 2032 mm. This model of Steam kettle satisfies quality standards. And, in represented model матеріал корпусу – нержавіюча сталь, and owing that, it is provided long life term of exploitation. Natural flavor and nutritional properties of the food stored at the expense of that fact, that during cooking process food undergoes indirect heating – in other words, Steam kettle features double walls, between which there is a liquid that serves as a heat transfer agent and under the influence of heat is possible the cooking process. In the model TMKDL-150-CC есть кран для заливання води. Also есть and клапан скидання надмірного тиску. And, what is also very important, this offered Steam kettle is quite simple in use, система управління – електромеханічна. For making it more convenient it is equipped with a self-locking tilting mechanism, that gives a possibility not only to unload already cooked products, but also greatly facilitates the process of cleaning the boiler. This represented model of Steam kettle TMKDL-150-CC, not only quality made and functional, but also very easy to operate.

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