Обвалочний стіл Гомельторгмаш СР-1

  • Type
    Обвалочний стіл
  • довжина
    1200 mm
  • глибина
    800 mm
  • висота
    850 mm
  • бортик робочої поверхні
  • матеріал робочої поверхні
    нержавіюча сталь
  • різновид полиць
  • кількість полиць
  • наявність ванни мийної
  • наявність зміщувача
  • наявність сифона
  • регульовані ніжки
  • ніжки на коліщатах
  • матеріал корпусу
    нержавіюча сталь
  • вага нетто
    50 kg

О товаре «Обвалочний стіл Гомельторгмаш СР-1»

Used by catering companies raw meat (beef, pork, poultry, etc.) for preparation of various meat products, semi-finished products and dishes|various dishes, semi-finished products and a great variety of meat products|various dishes, and also great number of semi-finished products and meat products|semi-finished products, various dishes and also meat products|various dishes and semi-finished products} supplied as carcasses, meat sides, quarters of meat carcasses and on a mandatiry basis undergo cutting.The essence of deboning is that it is necessary to separate the muscular membrane from bone scraps. At the next stage, it comes trimming, by the way of which the pulp is separated from cartilage, connective tissue and small bones, as well as it is removing contaminants. We are glad to represent You Butcher's table СР-1 made by ГОМЕЛЬТОРГМАШ, which provides optimally organize the processing of raw materials at various catering establishments. Announced габарити of Butcher's table СР-1 from iPelican catalog: довжина – 1200 mm, глибина – 800 mm, висота – 850 mm. Used in manufacture матеріал робочої поверхні – нержавіюча сталь, that makes the appliance of this offered table optimal for use in catering companies . Furthermore,матеріал корпусу – нержавіюча сталь. And різновид полиць in the represented model – ґратований. The appliance of Butcher's table and trimming gives to organize the processing offull range of raw meat in optimal way.

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