Фризер для морозива Ugolini MiniGEL 1

  • Type
    Фризер для морозива
  • кільксть ємностей
    1 pcs
  • обʼєм
    6 l
  • матеріал корпусу
  • матеріал ємності
  • сенсорна панель
  • система управління
  • напруга
    230 V
  • частота струму
    50/60 Hz
  • потужність
    0.46 kW
  • стандарт
  • довжина
    200 mm
  • глибина
    480 mm
  • висота
    620 mm
  • вага нетто
    25 kg
  • вага брутто
    27 kg
  • колір
  • упаковка

О товаре «Фризер для морозива Ugolini MiniGEL 1»

Soft ice-cream freezer MiniGEL 1 made by Ugolini is optimal primarily for making soft ice cream, and moreover for juices with soft ice (slush) and frozen juice. Soft ice cream is making of a special blend, which in the freezer is whipped to the consistency of a creamy mass with temperature -4...-6°С. More of that, during whipping mixture is aerating, thatallows greatly increase the amount of received masses. Announced габарити of Soft ice-cream freezer MiniGEL 1 from iPelican catalog: довжина – 200 mm, глибина – 480 mm, висота – 620 mm. Specified кільксть ємностей in the model MiniGEL 1 – 1 pcs. The technical perfomance of the Soft ice-cream freezer satisfies all standards. It is worth noticing, that Soft ice-cream freezer MiniGEL 1 not only featuring modern design, but also has a solid configuration and quality execution of internal components, allows excellent work over the long term. This Soft ice-cream freezer is generally used for use in bars, cafes and other catering establishments.


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