Коптильня Alto Shaam 767-SK G

  • Type
  • рівнів
  • місткість
    45 kg
  • температурний щуп
  • ніжки на коліщатах
  • система управління
  • напруга
    230 V
  • частота струму
    50/60 Hz
  • потужність
    2.2 kW
  • стандарт
  • min температура
    16 °C
  • max температура
    163 °C
  • матеріал корпусу
    нержавіюча сталь
  • вкочувальний візок
  • колір
  • довжина
    565 mm
  • глибина
    673 mm
  • висота
    502 mm
  • вага нетто
    93 kg
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О товаре «Коптильня Alto Shaam 767-SK G»

Smokehouse 767-SK G made by ALTO SHAAM is a sort of professional kitchen equipment, generally used specially for rapid smoked fish, meat, and other various products. The construction of this model commercial kitchen unit consists of a metal box with special grates and additional tray. The temperature range of this model 767-SK G: max температура is 163 °C, min температура is about 16 °C. And also very important to know that usingof of kitchen equipment suggests the possibility of both hot and cold smoking. During the process of hot smoking product is in a medium hot smoke, and the result is in parallel is performed additional heat processing of food. According to the manufacturer's instruction габарити of the Smokehouse 767-SK G from iPelican catalog: довжина – 565 mm, глибина – 673 mm, висота – 502 mm. The perfomance and the configuration of the Smokehouse accept standards. In represented model матеріал корпусу – нержавіюча сталь, and due to that the long-time exploitation is provided, and also fully excluded the possibility of rust and minimizes the chance of burning food in the cooking process. And what is also important, such type of Smokehouse is very simple in use, система управління – електромеханічна.

This offered model, the Smokehouse767-SK G, more than properly manufactured and functional, but also is very handy in exploitation.

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