Розстоєчна шафа Zanolli CIT 6+6 CL

  • Type
    Розстоєчна шафа
  • матеріал корпусу
    оцинкована сталь
  • система управління
  • напруга
    230 V
  • частота струму
    50/60 Hz
  • потужність
    1 kW
  • колір
  • довжина
    1370 mm
  • глибина
    940 mm
  • висота
    960 mm
  • вага нетто
    85 kg

О товаре «Розстоєчна шафа Zanolli CIT 6+6 CL»

We represent You Proofing cabinet CIT 6+6 CL made by ZANOLLI, which is optimal for those food service establishments, in which a variety of dishes prepared from dough. This represented the equipment is generally used to accelerate the defrosting or fermentation of dough, used baking different bakery products. Announced габарити of Proofing cabinet CIT 6+6 CL from iPelican catalog: довжина – 1370 mm, глибина – 940 mm, висота – 960 mm. This represented Proofing cabinet is quite simple to use, система управління – електронна. Proofing cabinet CIT 6+6 CL has robust construction andhigh-quality internal components, thatguarantees continual term of smooth operation. Used in manufacture матеріал корпусу – оцинкована сталь. Required for the stable work of the equipment електрична мережа: напруга – 230 V, частота струму – 50/60 Hz, потужність – 1 kW. Due to the application of this offered professional equipment, like Proofing cabinet, can be achieved high quality of bakery products.

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