Anghinetti offers a iPelican equipment


ironing and finishing equipment

Anghinetti Srl, born in 1968 from an idea of his founder and still Director and sole owner Mr Roberto Anghinetti. The company lies near Cremona, close to Milan. Anghinetti Srl, has, since the beginning showed his capacity to produce high quality and reliable components, so to arouse the interest of several textile and garment companies, that take the Anghinetti to be involved in project and construction of new machines and components for our customers. The increasing success of our production, both on the Italian and foreign markets, let Anghinetti take the decision to integrate existing production with a new line of industrial ironing machines, reaching the goal with integration of the “Camptel International” Company, transferring all the activities of production and technology, together to the most important human resources, chosen on the base of their professional skills. Further Anghinetti has also incorporated “Idrosmack” brand name, that complete the range with high quality spotting tables. Today the Company has its production activity in an area of 18.000 sm, introducing itself as the sole complete process production company in the following branches: Components and accessories for garment production plants Industrial ironing machines for textile and garments companies Ironing machines, handling, packaging, for laundry and ironing activities, communities, hotels. Anghinetti Camptel joint to his Industrial and professional range of machines, a complete series of complementary accessories that allow the setting of functional and prestige professional activities. Growing expansion of craft and commercial companies in the foreign markets, has taken the Anghinetti Camptel to be present all over the world, certifying our trade mark as world leading company. The new board of managers and technical / commercial renewed strategies, looks to concrete but farsighted objectives, respecting the fundamental relation between price and quality, assurance of a non stop growing quality, study and projecting of new and more performing products, improvement of the production process translate in a lower production timing and respect of all worldwide rules. All the above, allows to our customers to be able to work with instruments that combine tradition and innovation, giving them the consciousness of a right choice.