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The name «Bake-Off» expresses our identity. And our identity embodies the excellence of our approach, which is the art of bread making applied to cook, defrost or reheat products that are fresh, frozen or precooked. We come from a land where bread is a way of life, where people demand it be fresh at all times of the day, day after day. That’s why we know bread so well. That’s why for over 20 years, we’ve been designing and building both electric and gas ovens that display the food as it cooks. And that’s why we offer proofing units that can be used in a wide range of food preparation and service establishments such as bakeries, pastry shops, supermarkets, filling stations, restaurants, pizzerias, food take-outs, roasting shops, hotels, catering firms, bars and food stands. We build our products to meet the customer’s specific requirements for cooking process, size, and production capacity, and with a balance between appearance and functionality. Our units also feature rapid processing of frozen products, precooked products or fresh dough.