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Bar Line

Refrigeration equipment

Bar Line ice machines made their appearance in the market in 1982 when the first range of Bar Lines was introduced by Frimont SpA and Mr. Emanuele Lanzani. Mr. Lanzani founded Frimont in 1964 and started producing simple, grid-type ice machines. Soon after that, seeking the introduction of new technologies into the European market, Frimont signed a technology license agreement with Scotsman Ice Systems USA that allowed the spray ice-forming technology to be applied to Frimont made ice makers. In 1969, King-Seeley Thermos, owners of Scotsman Industries, acquired the ownership of Frimont, by then grown to a large size manufacturer of commercial ice machines. Frimont began using the Scotsman brand name for the products it manufactured. Frimont products were sold in Europe, the Middle East and Asia- Pacific and this soon made Frimont one of the leading manufacturers of ice machine in the world. As the request for ice machines products was rapidly growing, and additional channels-to-market were also multiplying alongside with the request for brands available for distribution, in 1982 Frimont launched the Bar Line product range. Initially controlled by a simplified electronic board, in 1999 the Bar Line range developed into an electromechanically controlled range of ice machines, known for their reliability and ease of maintenance. In May of 2009 Frimont, as part of the Enodis Ice Group, was acquired by Warburg-Pincus, a Private Equity Firm based in New York, NY. On that occasion, the Ice Group has been re-named Scotsman Industries, Inc. Scotsman Industries, Inc, and Frimont SpA playing a key role therein, is the largest Corporation in the world dedicated to ice machines manufacturing, with 6 manufacturing facilities in three continents, 10 major sales offices, 1,000 plus distributors, more than 5,000 service technicians and sales in over 100 countries. Today the Bar Line range is available with a wide range of products, taking advantage of production coming from Europe as well as the USA: Self-contained round cube machines (“Bistrot Cube” manufactured in Italy) as well as classic “ice cube” (Casino cube, manufactured in the USA), self contained and modular flakers (Crièe Ice, manufactured in Italy and in the USA), compressed ice-flakes machines (Club Ice, manufactured in the USA). All machines keep the Bar Line brand promise: best-in-class manufacturing, great variety of production and storage capacities, reliability, simple routine cleaning, easy and affordable maintenance and repair.