Best For offers a iPelican equipment

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Heating equipment

In this name dwells our identity and in our identity guard the excellence of a method, that of the white applied to fresh, frozen or cooked for their rapid thawing, their cooking or heating. Yes, because we are born in a land where bread is a must-culture, where its freshness is alleged every day at any time of the day. For this we know well, and that's why for over 20 years designing and manufacturing furnaces for food cooking with a view, electric or gas, and leavening that can fulfill this need in an environment receptive and gastronomic from bakeries confectioneries, from supermarkets to service stations, restaurants and pizzerias, from delis to caterers, hotels, catering companies, bars, kiosks. Always construct them according to the specific requirements of manufacturing, space, production capacity and balance aesthetic and functional suggested by satisfying the needs of customers quickly for both frozen foods and for those pre-cooked and fresh pasta.