In 1924, Robert Brunner established an engineering workshop with an associated foundry in Kloten. Accepting contract orders, a diverse assortment of parts and components for various customers was manufactured in the ensuing years. The initial contacts with the foodstuffs industry were already made at an early stage and resulted in the production of meat processing equipment, cheese graters and coffee grinders for the Benz company. The manufacture of pumps commenced in the 1950s. Sewage pumps and irrigation systems as well as pumps for plant nurseries became the prime income generators. In the early sixties, the world’s first automatic vegetable cutting machine – the BRUNNER-anliker – was developed at Brunner. A wide range of food processing machines for chopping and cutting various foods was developed consequently. At the start of the seventies, the foundry and machining operations were relocated to Magadino in the Ticino region. The company focussed its activities in two different markets. In the field of pumps, especially for household technology and watershows, and in the field of appliances, especially appliances to chop meat, vegetables and cheese. In 2001, we were presented with the award for the “Word’s best vegetable chopping appliance”. At Expo 02, we were responsible for realising the watershow "Magie de l'Energie" which attracted widespread international acclaim. In 2004, building alterations to and enlargement of the head office building in Kloten will take place and a new machining plant will be constructed in Quartino, Ticino. In 2005 the 4th generation takes over the company, Markus Glauser and Tobias Graf are leading into the future. Brunner AG currently employs around 90 people, has a product range acknowledged to be the best of its kind worldwide and markets its products successfully in over 20 countries.