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C.M.A. SPA was founded in 1969 by Nello Dal Tio and since then its growth has been exponential and breath-taking: from a small craftsman's factory to the colossus which puts out over 25.000 machines per year. Now, flanked and assisted by his daughter Sonia and son Roberto, Nello Dal Tio is still dedicated to the growth of the espresso culture in the world, with the utmost care to all the people involved in this culture: the coffee grower, the roaster, the machine manufacturer, the technician, the barista, down to the end of the chain the customer savoring his unique espresso! The history of this medium-small company - a typical example of North-eastern Italy - is the result of the combination of wise entrepreneurship, a cautious administration, careful and focused investments. The successful corporate philosophy and mission of Nello Dal Tio: "Always put yourself in the shoes of your customer, with his peculiarities and problems, operating in different contexts which may sometimes be radically, even dramatically, different from the ones we operate in." was handed on to the next generation that is and will continue operating in line with it. C.M.A. mission is the collaboration with its customers for the growth of the espresso and coffee culture in the world.