In 1972, Remo Cangini used all his experience as chief technician in a catering company and created “Casta di Cangini Remo”, where he was manager for over 20 years.

In 1993, Remo closed down the business, thus paving the way for the second phase in the history of Casta. In that same year, four former employees acquired the name “Casta” and became owners of the new “Casta”. The company can rely on Rino Monti and Paolo Sintucci’s twenty-year experience in the field and on young Loretta Carbonetti and Maurizio Casanova’s freshness and enthusiasm.

It was then that production processes were deeply renewed and updated. Moreover, Casta carried out commercial strategies which allowed it to achieve gratifying results, not only on the quantitative side, but also on the qualitative one: in 1996, CE certifications of a number of products allowed the company to come to the forefront in the market.

In 2001, the new headquarters in Via Fratelli Lumiére in Forlì opened their doors, with cutting edge machines and a very efficient and innovative productive organization.

In 2005, so as to deal with Italian and international markets, with an increasingly complete and technologically advanced range of products, Casta acquired the trademarks, patents and drawings of two renowned cooking lines by OM GAS, i.e. Tiqu7 and Vesta, appreciated all over the world.

In 2008 Paolo Valmorri, a chief technician with long-standing experience, joined the team. The history of Casta goes on and evolves, also by putting into practice new eco-friendly policies. Environmentally conscious and with an eye for energy efficiency, Casta installed solar panels all over its roof in order for costs to be considerably reduced. This renewable and less polluting energy source is a sign of the social responsibility typical of the company management.

Participating in the most important national and international trade fairs allowed Casta to conquer new markets, which had the opportunity to get to know and appreciate the advantages of a full catalogue of professional kitchens, constantly enriched with new models and new, up-to-date technologies.

The rest is present history: Casta, now as it was before, is a byword for quality and reliability. And it will be tomorrow as well.