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Forni Ceky S.r.l. is a manufacturer of professional ovens, handcrafted for pizzerias in refractory bricks with legal headquarters in Lograto, Brescia. The company was founded in the 1930s by its founder Francesco Metelli, known as Cechi. The company initially constructed its ovens entirely by hand for bread preparation mainly for home use in the Brescia province. Traditional time honored construction methods required the ovens to be created onsite, where the products were built one brick at a time. Over the passage of years, when pizzas also began become popular in northern Italy, the ovens made by Francesco Metelli underwent important changes in their materials and constructive methodologies to answer to the demands of new restaurants. The name of the Brescia craftsman made its way beyond the borders of the province due to the high quality of his products, expanding rapidly into the surrounding provinces, the rest of northern Italy and finally throughout the entire peninsula. The excellence of the product is also appreciated in those places historically considered to be the “birthplaces” of pizza, such as Tramonti, Sorrento, Naples and Salerno Forni Ceky was founded in the mid 1980s when the founder’s son-in-law, Ugo Dall’Olio, joined the company. With him he brought significant experience from another sector in industrial large scale business management. The first changes took place in the production process, with special attention to a reduction in the time required for the construction and installation of ovens, resulting in the creation of the first modular handcrafted oven in refractory bricks. This new approach allowed separation of the production and installation processes, making it possible to store semi-worked items that could be installed at any moment within a single day. This change increased the company’s productive capacity and implemented resources more than five times over, all while maintaining the same product quality and guaranteeing consistent results.