Chef&Sommelier offers a iPelican equipment


Bar glass

Serving accesories

The demijohn, a glass bottle that was used to transport wine in the past, was the company’s first success. A series of emblematic glass collections have since followed, each one amplifying the joy of tasting and encouraging a more qualitative wine tasting experience. Kwarx®, a new high-tech material, designed by Arc International’s Research Centre: a material made exclusively for Chef & Sommelier, for the Open Up, Œnologue, and Select lines. Handmade mouth-blown crystal gives the Grand Cru line all its magic. The decanters are also mouth-blown. Drop Control is a drop stopper that is placed on the neck of wine decanters, making it possible to serve wine with maximum precision. Drop Control is invisible and in no way alters the properties of the wine being served.