We are specialize in the design and manufacture of professional refrigerated equipment for catering, pastry, bakery, ice cream and pizza industry. For almost twenty years we are present internationally with products of high quality and reliability, devices that are used daily in thousands of kitchens and laboratories around the world. Our equipment are designed according to criteria of dimensional compatibility and design in order to provide harmonic solutions in any projects. We dedicate most of our resources in product development: simple shapes, modularity elements, easy to clean, for this reason we work with chefs and pastry chefs of different nationalities who work alongside us in the intense research and development activities. The willingness to innovate is now more than ever a cornerstone of our mission. Stimulate young universities minds and develop synergies with the academic world to find modern and useful solutions for your daily work. For us innovation means to bring together multiple functions in a single device, simplifying the use, saving space and energy and create - through exclusive control of temperature, humidity and ventilation - the ideal climate for the conservation of each food. Blast chilling, proving, storage are important process for maintaining the quality of the food. The goodness of your recipes, in fact, depends on the skilful balance of technique, tradition and ingredients, but also the equipment that uses in the production process; it is here that we give you our support by working alongside every day with the latest technology, ensuring you always get excellent results without compromise. You select healthy, natural, seasonal ingredients we keep them perfect for you. Coldline, naturally cold.