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In 1911 Alois Paul Linder started his own baking oven manufacturing business in Munich. His principles of action were innovative developments and the commitment to offering the best possible product. In 1936 he was able to realize his idea of a blower circulation heater for baking ovens. Linder named the principle of function MONSUN, alluding to the tropical wind. He received the 'Reichspatent' for this invention. Back then he probably never imagined that 100 years later, in the 3rd millennium, DEBAG would belong to the renowned and valued market leaders in the baking oven industry. Several thousand baking ovens were built since then and delivered, installed and commissioned in Germany, Europe and beyond. This is particularly evident by the satisfaction of the bakers and all users of DEBAG technology. Today DEBAG is active worldwide and maintains representations in France and Poland as well as service and sales partners in over 30 countries.