Dosmar offers a iPelican equipment



The company Dosmar Oy was established in 1993. The basic direction of our activity is supply automatic identification equipment and equipment for information systems to retail trade enterprises, to industrial enterprises and in public-administrative sector.

The office of our company, including our own warehouse where more than 800 types of equipment are constantly stored, is located in Espoo (a suburb of Helsinki). We have a constant list of more than 500 companies as permanent customers that specialize in the field of system integration. Besides domestic customers, we serve also customers from Sweden (through our daughter company Postronic AB), Baltic countries, and Russia. Our turnover has constantly increased and most recent - 2013, was 15 million EUR. Dosmar Oy is the part of a group well known in Scandinavia the Amplex-Group.

The assortment of equipment covers the needs of our customers most fully. Our suppliers are the well-known manufacturers, which have leading positions in the own areas. Therefore, we are having opportunity to supply from one place (one stop shopping) and under competitive conditions reliable and most suitable equipment.

Wide assortment, reliable equipment, competitive prices, duly deliveries, technical support, and also systems of warranty service, deliveries of spare parts and equipment services - these are components on which our business is based on.