In 1983, a pizza operator by the name of John Lamonica had an idea that would revolutionize the pizza industry. A heat transfer press manufactured by our development division, “STEARNS PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT”, was used to press the first dough ball. After many modifications, the first air driven dough press was developed and the rest is history. Throughout the years, we have developed many different presses for the pizza and tortilla industry. From manual presses, dual heat presses and electro-mechanical presses, the name DOUGHPRO has become the staple in the industry. As we like to say, “DOUGHPRO – the name says it all.” Our product line has increased to now include CUSTOM STONE HEARTH OVENS. Why just choose an oven from a catalog? Allow us to create your dream oven that not only creates the show, but also functions with your kitchen design. We have worked with numerous chains to develop equipment for not only the pizza industry, but other markets such as hamburger chains, the clothing industry and even industrial machinery. If you have an idea that you want to make reality, we are here to serve you.