We have succeeded for over 125 years in producing products based on the motto «Quality for the bakery trade». Our customers appreciate this high standard as shown by the many years of loyalty they have given us.

Emil Schmidt was founded in 1884 in «Wald by Solingen» and initially produced cutlery and sold it to the town's blacksmiths as well as hardware and household goods shops. Around 1900 «Baker purchasing cooperatives» were added to the customer base.

At the start of the company takeover there were approximately 60 different items offered which has expanded over time to about 700 specialty articles for the bakery and confectionery trade as well as many promotional items.

After completing specialized training, Mr. Rigo Kirschner joined the company on 1 July 1981 representing the second Kirschner generation. Emil Schmidt GmbH was founded on 1 July 1993 under the joint supervision of father and son.

Since January 2008 Stefan Kirschner has been representing the third generation in the company as an executive assistant. After completing his Business Administration studies he will influence the fortunes of the company and certainly bring it a new impetus.

In the future the company will be lead by the 3rd Generation of the Kirschner family. New production technologies, more efficient series production and optimized manufacturing processes lay the foundation for the continuation of our high standards: «Quality from Solingen, the blade city - Quality for the bakery trade!»