Es System K offers a iPelican equipment

Es System K

Refrigeration equipment

Built-in and external refrigeration

ES SYSTEM K company was founded in 1995. During this time it has made a rapid technological advance, expanded territorially and broaden its scope of activity. At the beginning the plant located in Wolbrom was only dealing with manufacturing lighting systems. For a few years the company is competing with big successes on the refrigeration market.
Nowadays, there is a wide choice of high-quality refrigeration equipment in our offer that can be variously applied: with internal condensing unit meant for small and middle-sized shop, with external cooling installation for supermarkets and the devices for restaurants, cake-shops, coffee-shops, petrol stations, newsstands and all different kinds of trading points.

The devices manufactured by ES SYSTEM K have very quickly gained appreciation of numerous domestic and foreign customers. The main outlet currently there is in: Germany, England, Holland, Moldavia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan. Sales is also developing on Russian, Romanian, Czech and Hungarian markets. We are exploring our sales-offers on African, Asian and North America countries with bravery. To make the access to our refrigerated furniture easier, we have activated chains of our area representatives both in Poland and abroad.