Eurochef offers a iPelican equipment


Heating equipment

Eurochef srl was established in 1992 with the mission to supply to small-sized catering operations a complete range of reliable, efficient machines, which could quickly cook food - either raw, frozen or pre-cooked - to the same good quality as served in traditional restaurants, even without a proper commercial kitchen. Our machines prepare quality food and are very versatile because the cooking is performed in the traditional way. Thanks to Eurochef appliances, it is possible to add a new business to existing activities, with the same personnel and with a very small investment that is recovered in few months. Bars, pubs, snack and takeaway pizzerias, beach bars, kiosks, sporting venues, service stations, can prepare pasta, pizza, french fries, croquettes, fish, chicken wings, battered vegetables, cutlets etc., using our machines without fumes or vapours and without the necessity of skilled personnel. Our clients, after years, continue to buy our new models, which is a proof of the satisfaction of those who work daily with our equipment and appreciate their simplicity of use and profitability. It is often heard that Eurochef machines are “real money makers” and of course we are very proud of that. Eurochef has always focused mainly on the technical aspects (i.e. ergonomics, user-friendliness, ease of cleaning, total mechanical reliability), to respond to our customers’ needs and expectations. The above results is also thanks to the fact that Eurochef has a complete production cycle: from the idea to product design, to prototyping and internal production of the mechanical components as well as sales and technical assistance. The market is growing, the potential is very good. It is a sector destined for development, given the evolution that is happening in bars, ever more directed towards rapid food service at noon or for the evening aperitif or for snacks at all hours of the day, as happens in the service stations and has been happening for a while abroad. Installation and commissioning is carried out by our technicians or by the technicians of our commercial partners, who give customers the necessary instructions demonstrating the use of the machine with practical cooking trials.